Artiste Du Mois de April: Lisa Stansfield

Artist Of The Month
Of April 2013
Lisa Stansfield
I grew up listening to Lisa Stansfield

I been around the world
And, I, I, I I can't find another Lisa Stansfield, and  don't why she went away.

With such an amazing voice. Lisa Stansfield can't do no wrong.

But I found out, Lisa Stansfield has never stopped making music.  With only small breaks in the mist ( which most respected artist  do)
Her voice is amazing. A timeless voice that stands out.

R&B, mix with a Lotta soul. 
Admittedly, after  "Lisa Stansfield Album", I thought  she took a break, and took up more acting jobs. etc Nevertheless, I'm happy to see she has a variety of albums out.

Mrs. Stansfield voice, is the true meaning of talent. 
Working/Duet with some of my favorite artist Such as Babyface, Barry White, and George Michael  and more.
Applaud everyone for one of the best singers of the 90's.. I've just recently learned that she has a few well renowned albums. 
But, yet I could never understand why she isn't as famous.
Mrs. Stansfield music is inspirational. Music that touch your soul.  
Another ballad voice, that sings the pureness of love songs. 

Amour Toujours
Nailah D'arcy


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