Artiste Du Mois de September: Marvin Gaye

Artist Of The Month
Of September '12 
Marvin Gaye 
From Motown ballads, to empowering, & sexuality; Marvin Gaye has influenced many musicians, and he's fans. With titles such as "Prince Of Soul", and not only that he's been named by magazines, television shows as the top greatest artist all time.
I grew up listening to Marvin Gaye, mostly his Motown hits; some of my favorites are " Heard through the Grapevine" & "How Sweet It Is", "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" and many, many, more... lol.

Happy, and lovey-dovey music ( ah, my favorite) 

Although, I think everyone would agree with me "What's going On" is Marvin Gaye most acclaimed work, and the best album every. I love the lovey-dovey music, but I always love, and respect realism. 
The lyrics are well written, and coming from a place observation and wanting change, and peace. I still listen to this album, and cry because I can feel what he's saying, and the sad thing 'Marvin is things haven't changed'. 
My two favorites song all time were "Mercy, Mercy, Me" & "What's Going On" it's funny, if you ever read the lyrics to many songs on this album, you will see the song a fairly short, but very amazingly powerful....
"For only love can conquer hate-Marvin Gaye 
"What about this overcrowded land, how much more abuse from man can she stand?" - Marvin Gaye 
You can tell through this album he was discovering his true self.... With the glasses off, and trying to tell a story and seeing lost in the eyes of many people.. I can go on, and on talking about this album.

Marvin Gaye seem to lived a turbulent life; that brought enlightenment to his music. I always believe a hard life, comes with talent; because your truly not afraid to be yourself, because there nothing else for you can be judge on, since many doubt you in the first place; freedom, and self expressing leads to magic  that's what exactly what Marvin Gaye discovered .

Marvin Gaye is not just Artist of the month, he is  artist of a lifetime. " What's going on' completely changed my life, and my outlook on life. Marvin Gaye touched many, and left us too quickly
Amour Toujours 
Nailah D'arcy 


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